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Why PLAY Table

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PLAY Table Benefits:

PLAY is a 32"" touch table bundled with fun, multi-player games for all age groups that allows upto four people to play simultaneously. The PLAY table is entirely self-contained, and do not require wi-fi to run.

Want your guests be entertained while they wait to be seated?

Want families to have a good time while they are at your establishment?

Want to increase customer loyalty?

Our customer are seeing increase in repeat business!

Many Leading Hospitality brands such as Marriot, Starwood,Sandals, Resorts, Hyatt, Disney Cruise Line, Norweigan Cruise Line, AMResorts.

What PLAY Table

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PLAY gives us the opportunity to share laughter, thoughts, and friendship while having fun!

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PLAY Table Uses:

What Customer Says

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Our goal as hoteliers is to provide experiences that our guests can’t necessarily replicate at home and the PLAY table accomplishes said goal.  Since 2014, the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa, have integrated the use of PLAY tables in our public space to enhance and elevate our overall resort experience for our guests.  From toddlers to adults, they are in constant use and the source of much excitement, enhancing our “Great Room” experience.  All are enthralled, as the tables provide a welcomed source of entertainment, specifically for our younger JW guests, who were raised with tablets and smartphones. 

Mario J. Bass

Director of Sales & Marketing

“Here at the Funicians Club we have had the pleasure to enjoy one of the PLAY tables.  One of the many great things about the PLAY table is, is that it’s not just for one age group it’s for everyone, toddlers, school aged kids, teens to adults. We have a time every day that our guests can come in and enjoy our club and one of the highlights is the PLAY table. When the kids come in, their eyes light up and realize there isn’t just one game to play and not just one person can play with it. Their reactions are “Wow, this touch table is amazing,” “ We are having so much fun, ” and “ I want to play longer!

Phoenician Resort


The games are very interactive and each very different to which creates an even more creative and engaging atmosphere. 

Kelcee Sherman

The Phoenician Recreation Supervisor

The guest response is exciting and creating a really awesome buzz

Group Entertainment Director

Sandals Resorts

More information

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More About PLAY Table:

PLAY is a 32” touch table bundled with fun, multi-player games for all age groups. Allows up to four people to play simultaneously. The PLAY table is entirely self-contained, and the games do not require wi-fi to run.

The table is shockproof, waterproof, and built for 24/7 use.  

The table is very durable and cleans easily with any glass cleaner.

Comes bundled with software and 8 games that you choose from a portfolio of 21. The games do not require wi-fi to run.

Setting up your new PLAY table is easy. Simply attach four legs and plug it in. It takes less than 30 minutes.

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