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Create an Inviting Setting with Booths and Benches

Booths and benches are a classical favorite of any customer and offer a comfortable option with a cozy setting. Personal and quiet, booths give your customers a sense of privacy in an otherwise public setting. Our extensive collection of booths contain styles and designs to suit every restaurant d├ęcor.

A restaurant with booths are a valuable investment and will have your customers returning and recommending. Choose the right booth for your dining space with our range of seating configurations and styles. You will not be disappointed.

Boasting expert craftsmanship, our selection of booths feature wooden paneling, laminate seating and brushed aluminum. With so many options on style, there is a booth for every occasion. Find an elegant design for a sophisticated evening or a classical style for a diner setting and make your customers feel welcome the moment they step into your restaurant. You can also mix and match booths and benches to create your unique setting, just ask us how.

Explore our collection of booths and benches and see how you can create a dining space that your customers never want to leave.

Booths & Benches

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