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Ordering Process

Ordering Process

Sourcing furniture solution is not a simple shopping activity. Whether you have a small or large project, it requires a thoughful balancing act across many aspects to make sure your investment pays off.

It’s not just tables and chairs that you need, we would like to understand your budget, timeline, and more importantly your goals (e.g., creating a specific/unique experience for your guests, space optimization, encouraging certain interactions among your guests, flexible/multiple configuration & usage, form vs function etc.).

With your needs in mind, we work with you to explore options (based on availability, location to minimize freight costs, best warranty etc.) that meet your goals while making sure they are aligned with your brand, your ambience, expectations of your guests.

We price your options so that you can select the optimum solution for your budget. It may not always be the lowest-priced option!

We offer flexible yet secured payment options. Once paid, we diligently work with our suppliers/manufacturers (your furniture most likely will come from multiple sources) to make sure your furniture is built and delivered to you on time. We do not just stop there. We are here to support you through the warranty period, should you need it (which is a seldom occurance)!