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Add Flexibility To Your Seating Arrangement With Our Beautifully Crafted Drop Leaf Tables

Drop leaf tables are a great option to give versatility to the seating arrangements. You can increase seating capacity when it’s needed without the need to store extra tables or mix and match table shapes to give your space a unique look.

A drop leaf table has a fixed section in the center and a hinged section (leaf) on 2 or 4 sides that can be folded down (dropped). The leaf is supported by a bracket when folded up. Standard drop leaf tables come with leaves on all sides.

You can use drop leaf tables as round tables (leaves open) under normal use. And transform them to square tables and joined together side by side to accommodate a large group.

Conversely, You can use drop leaf tables as square tables (leaves folded) under normal use. Then easily transform your tables from square to round to accommodate a large group.

Please note, the clearance for drop leaf tables with leaves folded are smaller than regular height. Make sure to know the clearance you would need with your chairs when placing your order. The regular height of a table is 28". We can optionally increase the height of the table by a maximum of 2" with custom table bases. Or, you can choose adjustable height table bases to accommodate your existing chairs.

Drop Leaf Table Tops for Restaurants

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