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Get the Best Craftsmanship for Your Restaurant’s Kitchen

Every commercial kitchen needs an exceptional kitchen work tables and storage system that allow an efficient production line with first-class durability.

Our selection of kitchen work tables and shelves offer a number of options to suit the configuration and layout of your restaurant’s kitchen. You can choose from our range of stainless steel or wood surfaces. Each has its own advantages and are available in different sizes and shelving / storage options. 

Stainless steel surfaces are easy to clean, making them a great choice for fast-paced cooking environments. They also quickly absorb moisture to prevent growth of bacteria and keep your kitchen safe and hygienic,

Our stainless steel kitchen tables showcase practical designs to ensure you have the most effective working space and are suitable for bakeries, cafes, brunch settings and general dining areas.

The advantage of wooden kitchen table surfaces is predominantly their affordability as temporary storage solutions for packaged ingredients and a spacious plating area. Our selection of butcher block kitchen tables are available in natural maple finishes and feature high quality craftsmanship.

For all your storage needs, we also have a range of kitchen shelves on offer. Explore our collection below and pick a design that suits your commercial kitchen.

Kitchen Work Tables & Shelves

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